We are not here to alarm you or frighten you but you need to know...

It is predicted (you can verify this yourself online) that by the end of this year more than 50% of ALL internet traffic will originate from a mobile device!

If your website is not 'mobile-friendly' your traffic will LEAVE


It's real, it's happening, there is nothing that we can do nor can you to stop this phenomenon. If your website is not mobile-friendly, if your visitor has to squint, has to physically manipulate and enlarge their mobile screen or scroll right/left to see your site, they will leave.

You know yourself, in the business world, that if you do not make it easy for your customer or prospect, if you put up those proverbial 'road-blocks' they will leave the store, they will hang up the phone, they will not do business with you. The internet is no different.

We are here to enable your website to be seen in a very friendly, easy flowing format for every mobile application. Each job we do is CUSTOM. There is no way to automate the process! However, our special software automatically detects if your visitor is coming from a mobile device and... if they are we show them the mobile friendly version which we build for you.

And we can do this for any type of website...even full-blown comprehensive website! Makes no difference, it's just a matter of custom work done by us at The ICANetwork (The Internet Customer Acquisition Network)



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